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Dental implants are artficial substitutes for natural tooth roots. They are sterile, titanium prostheses surgically embedded in the bone to which replacement crowns are attached. Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, mulitple teeth, or can function as an anchoring system for dentures.

The implant procedure requires several office visits for planning, surgery, post operative examinations, and attachment of the final crown or denture fabrication.

Not For Everyone

Dental implants aren’t necessarily for everyone. Patients must be in good overall health; healthy gums and sufficient bone help support an implant. The implant will not be exactly the same as a natural, healthy tooth. Most importantly, regular dental visits and good oral hygeine are requisites for success.

Our Philosophy

Situated in Pensacola's Historic North Hill District, we at Lebeau Family dentistry Believe in a common sense approach to dentistry in a professional and modern environment. We provide a comprehensive range of dental services, while referring to specialists when necessary.


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